About the Authors

Scott Anderson (a.k.a. STA)

I’m a freelance web developer, independent musician and Minnesota Twins fan. I can often be found in the stands at Target Field partaking of the stadium’s health-challenging food and beverage options. This blog is a way for me to force myself to think more carefully about what I eat and how I spend my time when I’m not eating (or watching baseball).

I operate my web consulting business as Room 34 Creative Services, LLC and I’m also known as the underdog of perfection.

Sara Puotinen (a.k.a. SLP)

I’m an academic nerd who teaches classes on pedagogy, ethics, feminist and queer theory, and troublemaking at the University of Minnesota. Together STA and I have two amazing kids, FWA and RJP, who will periodically pop up on this blog.

Once upon a time I biked a lot and really enjoyed cooking. Hopefully this blog will enable me to want to do those things again.

Oh, one more thing: I like to make TROUBLE. I plan to make some here.

The header photograph, “Red Chain,” was taken by Oceanik and is available on Wikimedia Commons. Used under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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