Day 2 in review

A few random thoughts from today:

  • Brewberry’s used to be the ultimate local/indie underdog. But now that it’s a branch of Espresso Royale, which I just learned today is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, its battle against the Caribou across the street (or, more importantly, the values it represents) seems lost.
  • I really hate seeing that Kraft logo on the bottle of thousand island dressing. But, we already had it on hand.
  • Lunch today was at Bun Mi near the U of M campus. Can’t pass up an opportunity to go there, especially since it’s a local business.

I think there’s hope for a lasting change to come out of writing this blog, because a) it’s not about radically changing everything at once, and b) chronicling the journey in this blog turns it into an adventure instead of a burden.

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