Some more reflections: Day Four

STA’s burgers and the margaritas were great on Tuesday night. My chips need a little work, however. I haven’t quite figured out that golden (literally) mean between soggy and burnt. Oh well, I will keep trying. As we were preparing our food on Tuesday night, I realized something that I think just might be crucial to breaking old habits and developing new ones: We make and waste too much food.

There I was, shucking the corn (well, actually, RJP shucked the corn. She was very proud of herself. She asked: “Do I have school tomorrow?” When I said yes, she excitedly responded: “Yeah! I’m going to tell EVERYONE that I got to peel the corn!!”) when it suddenly dawned on me: We still had lots of leftover vegetables, couscous salad and hot dogs from last night. How could we possibly eat all of the new food that we were preparing and finish up our leftovers? Wait, let me rephrase that: How could we possibly eat all of the new food and finish up our leftovers without our stomachs exploding? (And without ending up on the floor, rolling around and groaning, “I ate too much!” I like to reserve that unpleasant experience for just once a year: after Thanksgiving dinner. Since I was a little girl, it has been a SLP tradition.)

The only alternative to exploding stomachs seems to be to waste food, which happens frequently. I really dislike wasting food. Not because I am haunted by some “starving children in insert ‘third world’ country here.” Don’t get me started on that extremely problematic statement or the guilt-ridden/othering/colonizing ideology that undergirds it. I dislike wasting food because…hmmm? I want to say it is because I am frugal, but I am not sure what that means or why it bothers me. Oh well, let’s just say that I dislike wasting food. In our next shopping trip, we need to think about making choices that are guided by the goals of not buying or making more than we can eat. Uh oh. It sounds like these goals might require more planning. Sorry STA….

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