Going local at Target Field

Last night the whole SLP/STA crew (us, the kids, and my parents) headed downtown for their first (and my sixth… or is it seventh?) Twins game at Target Field.

Is it possible to “go local” at a Major League Baseball stadium? It is at Target Field! The team frequently proclaims Target Field is the “greenest” stadium in baseball. I suppose it is good that they recycle 100 tons (or whatever incomprehensibly huge number it is) of trash per homestand rather than hauling it straight to a landfill (and assuming that “recycling” doesn’t mean loading it on a freighter for China where it will essentially end up in a landfill), but I find it somewhat difficult to take such environmentally-conscious claims too seriously.

But what you can take seriously is that there are local food and drink options aplenty at the stadium. Before the game I treated the kids to hot dogs from the Michelbob’s Ribs stand on Target Plaza (just outside the stadium at Gate 34). Sure, this company is based in Naples, FL, but they’re a favorite of Twins fans at spring training. Plus, the owners used to run Brewberry’s (although I’m not sure how I feel about all of that now that they’ve sold it to Michigan-based Espresso Royale).

Once inside, my favorite option, both for its excellent quality and its local connection, is a Polish sausage (or, if you prefer, a brat) from Kramarczuk’s. They operate a number of stands throughout the stadium. And be sure to wash it down with a Minnesota-brewed Summit Extra Pale Ale or Grain Belt Premium.

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