Cleaning out the pantry

Today, after finally feeling like summer is beginning, I decided to clean out our pantry (or more specifically, our food cupboards). So far I have tackled our biggest food cupboard–the one with our canned goods, kids’ lunch food, bread and chips. Here’s one immediate observation: we have too many opened bags of chips. Following the theme of “I hate wasting food,” our inability to almost ever finish a bag of chips or pretzels really bothers me. Almost all of the half-finished bags that I found today are tortilla chips. Potato chips are a different story; we always finish our bags of potato chips, especially the cheddar and sour cream Ruffles. Now that’s another type of problem. What do they put in that “cheese” to make it so addictive?

There were a few interesting food items that I found, hiding in the dark corners. I think they could be the inspiration for upcoming meals:

  1. 1 can of dark kidney beans and chili beans each. Hmmm….we must have been planning to make chili during football season. I also found two boxes of Jiffy corn muffins. I imagine that adding some of the fresh corn we have to this mix would work well with the chili. I bet our leftover guacamole and the jar of salsa I found could be helpful here too. It is a little bit cool and rainy today, so it might be nice to have a warm soup.
  2. 1 can of coconut milk, 1 unopened jar of red curry paste, 1 can of bamboo shoots. STA and I used to love making thai red curry–with a few added vegetables. This would go well with some fresh basil, tofu and the frozen peas that we have in the freezer…maybe some broccoli too (but I need to buy that at the store). By the way, where and how exactly do they grow broccoli? Here’s a random youtube video about a broccoli farm in Georgia. This clip discusses the labor that is needed to grow/harvest/ship broccoli. It focuses almost exclusively on one type of worker: the farm owner-as-worker):
  3. And, here’s another video that focuses more on what broccoli is:

  4. A box of Nilla wafers that I stashed at the top of the cupboard right after we declared a “no sugar zone” for little RJP. Little kids on sugar can be really scary. Of course the sugar embargo lasted about 24 hours, but the nilla wafers were forgotten until now. I think FWA and I might pick up some banana pudding and make the recipe on the box.

I have enlisted FWA to help me this afternoon. Our mission is to shop for dinner. Time to pry him away from the Wii (Super Mario Galaxy 2) so we can make our list!

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