Last Night’s Dinner…the SLP version

In my last entry, I mentioned that I was enlisting FWA in my mission to shop for dinner. He wrote down the list (and added a few “treats” for himself and RJP) and then walked with me to Oxendale’s. My frugal heart is proud to announce that we only spent $5.14 to supplement the food we already had at home.

In STA’s entry he mentioned that I made muffins and rice. For the muffins, I used the old box of Jiffy corn muffins that I found in the cupboard. I added fresh corn, chopped/canned green chiles and some shredded cheddar cheese. I thought they were pretty good. Next time I will put more batter in less muffin tins and add even more fresh corn to the mix.

For the rice, I sauteed some diced onions in olive oil, added a cup of rice (about half long grain and half jasmine. That was all we had; I worried that STA might complain about mixing the rice, but all he said was, “this rice tastes really good!”), and then poured in 2 cups of chicken broth. Even though I really like the flavor of onions in the rice, I hesitated a little in putting them in. FWA and RJP would be eating the rice too and I could already hear their yelling echoing in my head: “WHY DID YOU PUT ONIONS IN THE RICE? I HATE ONIONS!! I WON’T EAT IT! I WANT PLAIN RICE…WITH SALT…AND BUTTER…AND NOTHING ELSE!! Since I am a troublemaker (and a risktaker), I decided to put the onions in anyway. At one point during the meal, FWA asked, somewhat suspiciously, “Mom, what are these white things in the rice?” I sweetly answered, “hmmm….I don’t know what they are. Why don’t you try them and see if you like them.” Amazingly, FWA didn’t resist; he tried them. I don’t really think he liked them, because he didn’t eat that much more of his rice. But he didn’t scream or carry on or fling himself on the couch, all the while yelling that I had ruined his life by making him rice with…(gasp) onions, so I would consider the onion-rice effort a success.

Oh, one more thing: We are out of long grain rice. It seems like now might be a good time to try brown rice again. Can we do it? Will the kids eat it? I am aware of the benefits of brown rice over white rice, but I don’t really like brown rice. Is it a matter of just breaking that habit of eating/enjoying/wanting white rice and learning to embrace the healthier habit of eating/craving brown rice? Maybe we should try eating some local rice–some Minnesota wild rice? I wonder about what sort of responsible options we have for purchasing fair trade wild rice–after a brief google search, I found this (somewhat outdated) article about Minnesota Fair Trade Wild Rice at the Wedge Co-op.

Here’s an interesting youtube clip that I came across about the significance of wild rice for the Objibwe people:

And here’s a different take on wild rice in Minnesota:

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