Day 7 receipts: the quest for lasagna ingredients

Tonight’s dinner plan is more pantry clean-out. We have some lasagna noodles that have been sitting on a top shelf for more months than I care to recall (most were past their somewhat meaningless “best by” date), and we also had some Bertolli marinara sauce on hand, along with the rest of the romaine lettuce I didn’t use with the In-N-Out-esque burgers. We have a favorite lasagna recipe that we haven’t made in a while, so we decided to get the rest of what we needed during today’s family outing (which was taking us to the Linden Hills area for ice cream and books).

Our plan was to get most of the necessities at Linden Hills Co-op, and then head over to Clancy’s for the turkey sausage (if necessary). The co-op had a good selection of most items, but a pretty meager offering of meats, so off to Clancy’s it was. Unfortunately, while Clancy’s offers some excellent options, there was no straightforward Italian sausage, turkey or otherwise, and I just got the feeling that apricots might throw off the flavor of the lasagna. That, combined with the queue, apparent lack of credit card payment options, and a pair of increasingly rambunctious kids, ruled it out for us.

Where to next, then? We considered Everett’s but they’re closed on Sundays. So we resorted to the nearby neighborhood Supervalu store, Bergan’s. Two things struck me at Bergan’s, first, though I’ve usually thought of it as a tiny neighborhood market, after the co-op and Clancy’s it seemed positively cavernous. And second, disappointingly, there was no Italian turkey sausage! I settled for Klement’s fresh Italian pork sausage (mild… boo…), and thus the shopping was complete.

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