A few more thoughts, Day 7

I would like to elaborate on some things that STA mentioned:

First, we went to the coolest kids’ (and adults-trying-to-relive-their-childhood) book store EVER: Wild Rumpus. It’s where I found (but didn’t buy…maybe it should be a birthday present–hint: June 29) the Scary Clowns book that I mention here. Yesterday FWA and I picked up the second Lemony Snickett book and STA managed to find a choose your own adventure book,  Return to Atlantis. Sweet.

Second, we went to a small tea and coffee shop a few doors down, where I bought some espresso beans. FWA and RJP exclaimed (rather loudly and repeatedly), “Eww, it smells gross in here.” I replied, “Oh, you’re just too young to appreciate the joy of coffee.” I had the guy grind them for me because I don’t think my grinder does a good enough job grinding beans for espresso. I made a latte at home this morning and it was fairly decent. I still need to experiment more with my technique (how long to brew my double shot + my milk to espresso ratio). Even though the beans are expensive (about 8 bucks for 1/2 pound), I liked the store and the guy. Plus, buying these beans is still cheaper than going out for lattes everyday. And, I don’t see myself giving up my latte habit anytime soon.

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