A few more thoughts, Day 7

I would like to elaborate on some things that STA mentioned:

First, we went to the coolest kids’ (and adults-trying-to-relive-their-childhood) book store EVER: Wild Rumpus. It’s where I found (but didn’t buy…maybe it should be a birthday present–hint: June 29) the Scary Clowns book that I mention here. Yesterday FWA and I picked up the second Lemony Snickett book and STA managed to find a choose your own adventure book,  Return to Atlantis. Sweet.

Second, we went to a small tea and coffee shop a few doors down, where I bought some espresso beans. FWA and RJP exclaimed (rather loudly and repeatedly), “Eww, it smells gross in here.” I replied, “Oh, you’re just too young to appreciate the joy of coffee.” I had the guy grind them for me because I don’t think my grinder does a good enough job grinding beans for espresso. I made a latte at home this morning and it was fairly decent. I still need to experiment more with my technique (how long to brew my double shot + my milk to espresso ratio). Even though the beans are expensive (about 8 bucks for 1/2 pound), I liked the store and the guy. Plus, buying these beans is still cheaper than going out for lattes everyday. And, I don’t see myself giving up my latte habit anytime soon.

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5 Responses to A few more thoughts, Day 7

  1. Jennifer says:

    SLP, I really like what you are doing here. Takes me back to last summer, when you talked about the very same thing—making changes! I continue to try to do some of the same things as before, with so many other areas to improve upon. (Hello, wasted food in my refrigerator). One thing I can say is that the mind-shift of going from cars/big stores to bicycles/walking/local markets becomes less of a conscious intention to go against the grain of (American) life and more of an unconscious part of everyday life when it happens in an environment that, in its natural state, supports your beliefs.

    Love the new bicycle! Do you have big baskets on the front and back yet? Wish I had a picture of me from yesterday–on the bicycle, with three bags of groceries in the front basket, two more bags strapped into the child seat on the rear, cycling up a big hill to get home. I feel like I have to work for my food (ha ha!), in the sense that my quarts of milk are heavy enough, without adding cans of soda to it. So I don’t buy the soda, and not because I do not crave a cheap, diet lemon-lime thing, but because my actions come from necessity and a shift from intention to an it’s-the-way-life-is sort of unconscious behavior.

    Love what you are doing with your blog. I need to find a good farmer’s market.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sara, what do you use to make your latte? We had a machine for a few years that always annoyed me. Then it broke. And I have thought about getting one of those stovetop Bialetta ones, because they look so carefree and European. But we have been WL (without latte) for so long that I have forgotten how sweet the rewards are for a labor-intensive beverage.

    Wild Rumpus! I want to go there. A PJ party on a trolley, and chickens engaging in fowl play? Jealous.

  3. Anne says:

    The beans (and milk) only seem expensive until you calculate how much it would cost to buy all the capps, lattes and machiettos (I butchered that spelling). I still buy espresso when I’m out and about, but for the most part I use my trusty Silvia with Intelligentsia (locally owned fair and direct trade) coffee/espresso.

    I’m glad you’re giving it a shot (pun ever so slightly intended).

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  5. SLP says:

    @Jenny: On Anne’s sage advice, STA and I bought a Rancilio Silvio espresso machine. A little expensive, but totally worth it.