So, how do you like your cinnamon roll?

So, FWA and RJP are at camp at a local city park all summer. Camp starts at 10 for RJP and 11 for FWA. Since this schedule just started this week, FWA and I are still trying to figure out what to do with that time. Yesterday I decided to take him to one of the more popular local bakeries on our side of South Minneapolis. Check out what he ordered:

Of course FWA went for the mother lode–the giant cinnamon roll. The cinnamon rolls always look good to him (and to me too). Look good. But, they never seem to taste good. Which brings me to my sad (or not so sad) admission: I don’t really like this popular bakery. And I feel okay about saying this. There are enough people who like this bakery; they don’t need me to like them. In fact so many people like the place that it seems almost un-South Minneapolitan to not like them. As STA, who also doesn’t like it, jokingly said, “EVERYONE likes this bakery. Not liking it is like not liking little kittens. It just doesn’t happen, unless there’s something wrong with you. Is there something wrong with you?” Yes, I suppose there is.

For a long time, I really wanted to like the place. In theory, it’s great. A local bakery that is very un-chain-like and unique, offering high quality baked goods without being pretentious. Not too expensive. Within relatively easy biking distance and close to the park where FWA and RJP go to summer camp and to play. Yet, every time I go there, I can’t seem to like it. Maybe it is because it is always too hot in there or because they don’t take credit cards (at least I think that they still don’t take credit cards?). Or maybe it’s because it’s always too crowded. Or maybe it’s because I really dislike the frosting on the cinnamon rolls. Who knows? The point is, I don’t like going to the place. There, I said it.

So, why am I admitting this? Certainly not to disparage this bakey. I don’t think it is bad and I am very happy that so many people like going there and supporting it. I think I want to admit that I don’t like it because being honest with myself and not just doing things (or liking things) because it is expected (or demanded) seem to be key parts of my process of breaking old habits and not only learning new ones, but maintaining a critical relationship to those new habits. Hmmm…there’s a lot more I want (and need) to say about what I mean here.

To (hopefully) be continued…

Addendum: After reviewing this post, I decided to take out the actual name of the bakery. In terms of my larger point, it really doesn’t matter what bakery I am talking about here (although I imagine that some of you can guess). Or does it?

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