Today’s receipt (minus the receipt)

Today I biked to Oxendale’s after picking up RJP from camp. I’m realizing that every choice that goes into this blog has trade-offs.

When I shop at a co-op, I can be more selective about the origins of the items I’m purchasing, but I (almost) have to drive. I say almost because I could bike to Seward Co-op, at least, but it’s a hell of a long way for someone who’s not used to biking, and I rarely allow enough time to fit an excursion like that into the day’s schedule.

When I shop at Oxendale’s, I can walk or bike easily (except on days like today when I am contending with gale-force winds), but the organic/local options are a lot more limited… and a lot more expensive.

So, trade-offs. Today I chose Oxendale’s, partly out of necessity (SLP had the car), and partly… well, OK, it was entirely out of necessity. When I shop at Oxendale’s now, I’m a bit more selective. Whereas price used to be pretty much my only consideration, now I think organic and local as well.

I bought a new bottle of mustard, since the three old bottles we had were disgustingly crusted over and at least six months past their “best before” dates. If there’s one thing Oxendale’s does offer a wide selection of, it’s mustard — a necessity in this sausage-loving part of town. I examined several varieties, before settling on one that was organic and local and fairly inexpensive. Amazing!

The rest of the meal for tonight is guacamole (with organic avocados, because they were the ripest) and steak fajitas on the grill (with non-organic green peppers, because the organic ones were $7!) along with some plain ol’ Oscar Meyer beef hot dogs for the kids (because they hate the uncured Thousand Hills kind, and I don’t blame them), and corn on the cob (origin unknown… by the time I remembered SLP wanted it, RJP was too rambunctious for me to pay attention).

This kind of spur-of-the-moment shopping isn’t without its risks. I considered making burgers, but worried that we didn’t have enough buns, or that they were stale, and then I was reluctant to buy more, because we usually have leftover buns we don’t use. (As it happens, we still have four buns from last week and they’re still fresh.) In other words, a little preparation would’ve helped me make smarter choices. But again, there are trade-offs. What’s a smarter choice? The fajitas are almost certainly healthier (if only a little) than the burgers would’ve been. On the other hand, the meat cost twice as much, and now we still have the unused buns.

Noted for future reference. Or not.

As for the receipt itself, I won’t be scanning it today. Besides the tedium of coaxing our crappy HP all-in-one into actually operating properly, the receipt didn’t print right… literally. The right half of it is blank.

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