Shopping with FWA

FWA wasn’t feeling well today so he stayed home from camp. By lunchtime he was hungry and was (surprisingly) agreeable to my suggestion that we walk to Nokomis Beach for lunch and then shop for dinner at Oxendales. FWA requested pasta with pesto for dinner (his all-time favorite dinner) so we got some expensive basil. I wish Oxendale’s stocked it in bulk. I had been hoping to go to Midtown Farmer’s Market yesterday to get some, but last night (from 4 PM on) was a big fail–crazy kids, tired adults, pizza from Dominos. Need I say more? In addition to the basil and some farfalle*, I picked up strawberries for dessert, some local squash and fresh corn. I had heard that fresh corn was in on facebook–yes, Oxendales is on facebook! After deciding that we didn’t need any meat for this meal, I remembered that we had some leftover goat cheese so I picked up some roasted peppers. Finally, before heading home (FWA was hitting his limit of shopping), we stopped at 3 Tiers and got a fresh loaf of french bread. As I was paying for the bread I saw this fabulous chocolate cake in the case. So I said to FWA, “Wow, doesn’t that cake look so beautiful?” Naturally his response was, “No, it looks so disgusting that it makes me feel sick.” This, of course, reminds me of FWA’s and RJP’s disdain for coffee (as too stinky!) that I mentioned earlier this summer. Kids just don’t know what they are missing.

I really like our neighborhood and I like taking a break to walk, talk and shop with FWA. Now that he is 7, he won’t usually agree to such a BORING task–especially if I refer to it as an adventure.

*One more thing: Recently I have become enamored with the idea of making my own pasta (sans a pasta machine). They say it’s easy to do. Am I crazy? FWA seems really interested in helping out. Should I try it? Any advice, Anne?

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