Now I really don’t like Target

While I don’t think we (me and STA) have explicitly mentioned it on this blog, one of the mega-stores that we are trying to unchain ourselves from is Target. Way back in May we declared that it would be a “Target-free summer” (which made FWA, who hates shopping there, really happy). We have only slipped a few times (I think 3 or 4 total for the entire summer so far) so I guess it has been a relative success. But even though I haven’t missed it and I think we are doing better (with what we aren’t buying/spending) by not going there, I wasn’t convinced that a Target-free year was in our future. That was until I saw this commercial and heard about/read this article. While I haven’t liked Target for a while, now I really don’t like them.

On the surface this advertisement seems great. See, girls can be whatever they want. They can wear pink nail polish or play soccer or be an artist. My question is this: why does their empowerment (their freedom to be whoever they want to be) have to be used to sell products? And, does freedom = consumerism? Apparently that’s the primary vision of freedom (the freedom to shop!) that Target wants to promote. They certainly don’t seem to want other freedoms–like the freedom to love who you want or the freedom to organize and advocate for better working conditions.

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