What? SLP-style

Yesterday STA and I came up with this blog experiment as a way to break/change/transform some bad (as in unhealthy, uncritical, unproductive, and perhaps even unjust) habits. I agree with much of what STA has to write about why we are doing this and what we hope to get out of it. I am frustrated with my inability to make better choices and to have my daily habits accurately reflect and correspond to my own values, values that come out of my training in and passion for social justice from feminist-queer ethics perspectives.  I am also all too aware that the choices that I am making and that I am failing to make are being carefully noticed–wittingly and unwittingly–by our two kids (FWA and RJP). I am hopeful that this experiment in becoming unchained enables me to model better, more just,  responsible and healthier, habits for them. I am also hopeful that this experiment will enable all of us (SLP/STA/FWA/RJP) to develop new models and methods for engaging with each other, our communities and the world (which can be interpreted in a wide range of ways, including all beings).

This project appeals to me in many ways. First, I am excited to collaborate with STA. As he indicates, we have both been using blogs for several years (although he has been using them much longer than me). But we approach our blogs in very different ways. I look forward to seeing the different ways in which we will experiment with this idea of being unchained and write abut it on this blog. I imagine it will be insightful for us as we read our potentially very different accounts of the same experience.

Second, I really like the idea of breaking old habits and developing new ones. Nerd Alert. One of my main areas of interest is virtue ethics and the idea of developing, over time and repeated practice, a set of character traits that can guide us and enable us to make better and more ethical/just choices. While I am not sure how to define/label the virtue we are attempting to develop here, I envision this blog as one way to practice virtue ethics. I hope that this experience will enable me to clarify what I mean by virtue ethics and its benefits and drawbacks.

Third, I am ready to eat better food and exercise more. I recently purchased an awesome new bike and I need some motivation to use it. Like STA, it is easy for me to make excuses for not biking; I am up for any experiment that might get me in the habit of biking more (so that I get to a point where I don’t even consider not biking). Also, I can’t totally anticipate how this project will enable me to eat better, but I can’t help but think that less chains and less processed food is an excellent start.

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