These biscuits look good

So for the past few years, I have wanted to make biscuits; I love biscuits. I craved them all of the time when I was pregnant with FWA and RJP (and right after too. I vaguely recall making STA track down biscuits from around the cities after RJP was born). Anyway, somehow I can’t ever seem to bake them right. But these biscuits look good and I think that they might just inspire me to try again (and perhaps fail…again). Yum…Maybe I can make them tomorrow morning?

This recipe comes from smitten kitchen (which I found through twitter via my new flipboard app for the iPad. Did I mention that I love my iPad?)

Addendum (45 minutes later): I just went to the store with RJP and bought the ingredients. Looks like I’m making them tomorrow!

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