Day 1: first actions, first thoughts

The first “unchained” shopping trip is complete. We walked to the neighborhood supermarket, Oxendale’s, and purchased what we could (barely) carry back home: enough for tonight’s and tomorrow night’s dinner, plus today’s lunch.

The goals for this first trip were simple: travel to and from the store on foot, get what we need for a day or two, focus on fresh produce and meats. The meal plan for tonight and tomorrow night is grilling, old school style: burgers (In-N-Out-style) and hot dogs, along with veggie kabobs and corn on the cob. Both the ground beef and the hot dogs (uncured) are from Cannon Falls-based Thousand Hills Cattle Company. I’ll also be making fresh guacamole and SLP will be frying up tortilla chips using the corn tortillas we bought.

Here’s a scan of our receipt; further reflection to follow.

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