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Waste, (over) Consumption, and Ethics

With all of the other blog writing I am attempting to do this fall (two course blogs: queering desire, feminist pedagogies; a research blog; and a diablog project on feminist pedagogy), I didn’t think that I would (or should) be … Continue reading

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These biscuits look good

So for the past few years, I have wanted to make biscuits; I love biscuits. I craved them all of the time when I was pregnant with FWA and RJP (and right after too. I vaguely recall making STA track … Continue reading

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Why Bother?

In STA’s last entry he posted an awesome animated lecture by Žižek (did you know that RSAnimate has lots of cool videos on youtube?) and discussed the limits of working for social transformation and developing better ethical consumption practices through consumerism. … Continue reading

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One more thing I really don’t like

High-fructose corn syrup. I have never really liked it, yet I find myself (and my kids, FWA and RJP) eating it too much. It’s time to break that habit, especially after checking twitter and seeing STA’s tweet about a study … Continue reading

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Now I really don’t like Target

While I don’t think we (me and STA) have explicitly mentioned it on this blog, one of the mega-stores that we are trying to unchain ourselves from is Target. Way back in May we declared that it would be a … Continue reading

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Uh oh STA! Here comes Foucault along with some other sources on ethics and consumption

So way back when we started this project, I suggested that one reason I was doing this blog was to critically reflect on and experiment with virtue ethics in relation to my/our consumption habits. Up until now I haven’t theorized … Continue reading

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So I just started reading an article about Foucault, virtue ethics and consumption habits (an article that fits extremely well with one of my primary interests in this blog–I hope to write about it more later), when I came across … Continue reading

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I heart Angry Catfish

This summer I am trying to drink my lattes at home instead of spending $4 a day on them. So far I have been really successful; I rarely ever go out for coffee, especially in the morning. But today I … Continue reading

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Shopping with FWA

FWA wasn’t feeling well today so he stayed home from camp. By lunchtime he was hungry and was (surprisingly) agreeable to my suggestion that we walk to Nokomis Beach for lunch and then shop for dinner at Oxendales. FWA requested … Continue reading

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Using the iPad for cooking

Last week, STA and I bought some bok choy at United Noodle (along with a whole bunch of other cool stuff, including Pocky Sticks for Men–for men because they are dark chocolate). We used my iPad to find a recipe … Continue reading

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