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Why Bother?

In STA’s last entry he posted an awesome animated lecture by Žižek (did you know that RSAnimate has lots of cool videos on youtube?) and discussed the limits of working for social transformation and developing better ethical consumption practices through consumerism. … Continue reading

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Žižek says what I’ve failed to…

And not just because of his cool accent. This short video brings together several strands of thought I’ve been struggling to synthesize in my head, along with bringing worlds together: I know of Slavoj Žižek’s work through SLP, but I … Continue reading

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The Value of Failure: Versions 3, 1 and 2

Note: This blog entry is posted on all three of my blogs: (making/being in/ staying in) trouble, It’s Diablogical!, and Unchained. Right now I am attempting to juggle three different blogs. I really like how these blogs highlight different aspects … Continue reading

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Beer (for 2!?) at the Library: Is this a FAIL? What do you think, STA?

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